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Odor Balance Laundry Pro

Stop the odor from creeping back. OdorBalance LaundryPro is the first premium high efficiency sports laundry detergent that cuts through tough stains and reduces odors and their source with long lasting odor protection. Athletes and sport apparel users at every level need this trusted and proven sport cleaner. Our tested eco-friendly, hypoallergenic, tough stain removing, odor-eliminating detergent will keep your textiles fresh and clean. OdorBalance LaundryPro is hydrophobic (repels water) thus maintaining and repairing the wick ability while minimizing static cling in your high performance garments, shirts and warm ups. Whether you are active in sports or you just like the look of high performance athletic apparel, this detergent will combat odors at their source. No more worrying about that foul odor and staining returning.
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