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Bauer Elite Goal Skate

New for 2012, the Bauer Elite Goal Skate takes the place of the Supreme One80 goal skate from 2010 but features several upgrades. Like the Supreme One80, the Elite Goal Skate has an anaformable tech mesh outer construction that is both durable and light weight. However, the Elite also features ribs on the boot for better boot structure and flex integrity, and these upgrades have made the boot as stiff as the top of the line model for 2010 - the Supreme One100. Additional padding in the ankle area and comfort foam under the footbed allows make for a very comfortable fit. Upgrades to the ankle collar make it more stiff and more durable, allowing it to maintain it's supportive properties over time. A pro felt tongue with additional padding on the outside helps prevent lace bite.The cowling features a 4mm Tuuk Super Stainless Steel runner as well as the popular VERTEXX cutout. Because of the VERTEXX cutout and the taller support position, goalies can realize a 28% increased attack angle when compared to a standard goal cowling. This means that goalies can take a deeper stance, and keep the blade on the ice longer when pushing laterally, before the cowling bottoms out on the ice. The runner on the Vertexx cowling can be easily replaced by simply loosening the screw at the toe of the blade.
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