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Bauer Nexus 400 Grip Comp Stick

Powerful shots and durability come hand in hand with the Nexus 400 Composite Stick.The mid kick flex allows you to fire shots at the net with ease. The top of the shaft is softer and allows you to bend the stick more upon impact. The stiffer bottom portion of the shaft keeps the Nexus 400 durable and able to withstand any impact from the normal rigors of the game. The shaft's square double concave dimensions provide a better feel for the stick as it contours with the shape of your hands. The power profile dual taper helps decrease torsional deflection by adding a secondary taper along the top and bottom surface, optimizing energy transfer from shaft to blade and improves shot accuracy. The added Griptac coating along the shaft helps with your control but does not act overly sticky to the point that you cannot rotate the stick in your hands.The blade is constructed with a PU core, which provides a great feel and adds supreme durability.
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