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Sherwood Hockey T70 Undercover Goal Stick

SHAFT FEATURESTradfeel * Square design with rounded corners provides a secure grip for greater control and prevents the stick from slipping out of the handsPADDLE & BLADE FEATURESD-Flector Technology * Cross-linked membrane inserted on each side of the paddle with a high-density foam channel running across the paddle for controlled rebounds with minimal vibrationPower inner core+Vibration reduction foam core++Equilibrium Technology * Perfect synergy between the weight of the blade/paddle and the shaft gives a lightweight feel for quicker blocker response and better puck control Sher-Wood T70 Paddle Measurement Listed Size TG True Size 27 27.5 26 26.5 25 25.5 24 25 21 23 The TG TRUE SIZE paddle measurement method was created to make ordering goalie sticks online easier, and more accurate. As each manufacturer measures their sticks in their own unique way, we created this method to help you compare your stick at home with the models that we have in our inventory. By knowing how your current stick size compares to the stick that you're looking to purchase, you can make the best purchasing decision possible.To measure your current stick, place the end of the tape measurer at the point where the top of the paddle meets the shaft of the stick on the non-blade side. Then, measure down the paddle in a straight line until the tape measurer crosses the bottom of the blade to determine the TG True paddle size. Keep in mind that this measurement may vary depending on the blade pattern, but it will help you choose the most comparable size.
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