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Reebok 18K Leg Pads

The new Reebok 18K leg pads close faster, offer more coverage, and provide the solid seal needed to win. The 18K features many new and innovative upgrades over the previous model, as well as a softer flex that will appeal to both blocking and hybrid style goaltenders.The 18K is a flat faced pad with a solid outer knee roll, and the stock version comes with a nice, pre-formed S shape. Internally, the pad features foam breaks both above and below the knee, which help give the pad more flex than you would anticipate in a pad with a solid outer roll. Additionally, the internal pad foam mold has a softer FLEXCORE boot break built in, which is great for goalies who want more flex in the ankle.The knee lock has been modified in the 18K to include Reebok's new MAXCOVERAGE design. On the inside of the knee, this design features a wider, thicker knee raiser which provides a more stable landing platform while going into the butterfly, as well as an additional blocking surface when going into your knees together/ankles together Giggy-fly when blocking five hole shots. On the outside of the knee, the outermost knee cradle flap has been significantly shortened, and a new, additional knee lock strap postion at the top of the outside calf flap can create an extremely wide, extremely loose fitting knee setup. By opening up the knee, the pad is allowed to slide towards the inside of the goalies leg, which presents a smaller five hole to the shooter. Goalies who like a traditional set up can also attach the knee lock strap to the outer knee lock flap, which holds the knee more tightly to the pad.On the inside edge of the pad, the calf position has been moved forward and includes a 1/2 HD foam SOLIDSEAL pad to provide a more stable butterfly platform, as well as an additional blocking surface on the ice. At the knee, the traditional straps that run outside and over the top of the knee raisers have now been run through channels in the knee raiser itself. By moving the strap position, the straps are kept from pulling the thigh rise up off of the ice when going into the butterfly. Combined with the SOLIDSEAL calf wrap, both of these features give the pad a complete seal to the ice in the butterfly. * Quick Release: open knee cradle allows the pad to drop to the inside of your leg to close the 5-hole for more coverage * MAXCOVERAGE: A knee raised inside knee raiser with straps running through the injection molded foam for maximum 5-hole coverage and stability * SOLIDSEAL: Forward position calf wrap keeps the inside edge flat and flush to the ice giving a solid seal in the butterfly position * FLEXCORE: A new softer boot flex option for goalies wanting more flex at the ankle.
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