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Easton Mako M5 Grip Comp Stick

You can't stop what you can't see. That's the theory behind the new line of Easton Mako sticks. With a design focused on speed, and ground breaking graphics focused on elusiveness, the Mako line of sticks continues Easton's rich history of innovation in composite hockey sticks.The Mako M5 Stick is second in line only to the range topping Mako and is packed with advanced features high-end players seek. Featuring a proprietary Kevlar/Graphite combination construction, the M5 excels at quick and direct puck movements while remaining firmly on the durable end of the spectrum. To that point, woven into the shaft is a Kevlar wrap that helps extend the life of the shaft against the rigors to the game - whether it's offense or defense, the M5 is designed to take some abuse. A thin taper and low flex point continue the quickness theme down through the blade. Here you'll find Easton's battle tested design prowess showing through in the form of a stiff, 3-Rib internal blade profile, that provides enhanced puck feel and resists torquing during impact. Likewise, a Resin Transfer Molding process gives the blade unique characteristics that enhance puck reception and handling.The new white graphics are something to behold. The look is modern and understated, but the kicker is what it does to the opposition. By forcing the defense to look twice when aiming for your stick, you'll be given perhaps a split second more time - time to evade, time to pass, or time to snipe. With this design on your side, you just might yourself with more room on the ice.
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