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Warrior EVO Grip Shaft

Energy transfer is one of the most important components of releasing a strong and accurate shot. Warrior has taken this core principle to the design of the EVO Composite stick. Linear Taper Technology, transfers more energy throughout the entire length of the shaft, as opposed to just in the bottom of the shaft and the blade. This flex forces a larger arc, loading the shaft more fully and giving your shot more power. Most players report improved predictability and accuracy as well.Warrior's Axy-Sym Technology compliments the flex profile by allowing the shaft to stretch more easily on the forehand side, while adding more tension to the backhand. This essentially springs the puck forward with more release from the blade. The backhand side is protected from heavy tension damage by the X-Weave fiber matrix, which also allows for added recoil into each shot.Multi-Bias Technology wraps special carbon fibers throughout the composite to help prevent cracking or fatigue from the forces generated shot after shot.Carbon Elite Construction shaves grams from the weight while also adding strength due to it's higher tensile strength properties.With the Evo Shaft, you can add any blade you want to give you the exact pattern that fits your style.Overall, the Warrior Evo represents a high-quality entry into the ultra-competitive upper mid-level stick arena and will make you rethink what you know about shooting.
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