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Vaughn Custom Sports 7260 Velocity 5 Leg Pad

The 7260 Velocity 5 Leg Pad is a high end Junior pad that uses superior materials in construction than pads that are typically found at this level. The design is identical fo the 7460 Senior Leg Pad but features a reduced size and only two (2) calf straps instead of the three straps found on the adult model. The pad even features adjustable knee lifters that are thinner than the ones found on the adult model so that the younger goalie can get the same features that the adult goalies get. New for 2012, the outer calf guard has been widened to provide extra protection. Also, a redesigned knee cradle features wider construction and flex panel on the outside edge for faster pad rotation. This design is great for goalies with wider legs, or goalies who wear separate knee protection underneath the pants..The 7260 has a 10 inch width and it is slightly narrower and thinner than the 7460 to accomodate the weight and flexibility needs of smaller goaltenders. Junior goalies playing at a higher level, or smaller Intermediate goalies playing at an Intermediate level will love the 7260's. * New V5 graphics are designed to give the pad a taller, larger appearance * New intermediate sizing with proportional design * Wide leg channel * Knee lifter system for improved ergonomic body positioning * Full stitched graphics * Durable Clarino micro fiber outer shell construction * High density outside rolls for improved puck deflection * Inner edge balance stabilizer * Pro-style thigh guard * Full, wide knee cradle with angled strap position * Available in sizes 26+1, 28+1, 30+1, and 31+1
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