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Vaughn Custom Sports 7460 Velocity 5 Leg Pad

New for 2012, the 7460 Velocity 5 Leg Pad replaces the 7450 Velocity 4 model from 2010, and it's design is based off of the new 7800 Velocity 5 leg pad. Considered a Senior Pro level pad, the 7460 features many of the new features that are found on the 7800, and it is a great pad for growing, advanced level goalies as well as for Senior recreational goalies who play 1-2 times per week. The pad features Vaughn's Flex-Pac internal stuffing - a layered and shredded foam stuffing process that gives the pad a soft feel and helps keep rebounds close to the goaltender. New features for the 7460 include a wide knee lock, and an integrated knee/thigh protector has been moved higher up the thigh rise to provide better knee protection and more room in the knee area. The outside knee cradle pad takes is cues from the 7900/7990 pad by featuring a hinged design and a lowered, dual elastic strap position that runs under the bend in your knee rather than directly behind it. Larger protective padding on the outside edge of the calf lock has been added for a better seal against the post.Finally, internal foam pad structure has been refined to create a soft feeling, yet firm pad that keep pad shape and height intact longer to increase durability without increasing weight. * Tall thigh rise with plus 1 sizing * Full pro width knee cradle with angled strapping * Flex-Pac internal stuffing for rebound control * Molded thigh guards * Inner edge balance stabilizer * Internal high density foam core * Knee lifters for more ergonomic body positioning * Available in sizes 32+1, 34+1, 36+1, 37+1Color specs * 1st color = primary color * 2nd color = V-shaped graphic * 3rd color = top arrow graphic and boot stripe
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