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Brians Sub Zero Blocker

Brian's has re-invented goalie equipment with it's new Sub Zero line, and the new Sub Zero Blocker is no exception. This blocker has many innovative features that will undoubtedly help improve your game.For starters, the blocker board is constructed using a rigid HD foams, and the perimeter of the face features bindingless board construction. This gives the blocker a nice, clean look, and it also allows for the inside edge of the blocker to be attached to an integrated cheater side deflection plate. By taking a closer look at the blocker face, you'll notice that Brians has decreased the width of the board to 7.5 inches, while increasing the width of the side deflector at the attachment point to the board by nearly 1/2 inch. By decreasing the blocker board width, weight savings is realized without affecting the width or performance of the board.The side deflector is also made of rigid, dual density HD foams, and behind the deflector sits an additional air pillow comfort pad that is removable if you don't like it. The stick insertion point of the side deflector has been cut back more deeply so that it does not restrict stick grip. Fingers are protected by HD foam wrap around protection, with softer LD foam backing. The palm of the Sub Zero blocker is made of Nash with airknit mesh finger gussets, and it also features a new SBA material on the palm and thumb. This new SBA material is unique in the fact that it gets tackier as it gets wet, meaning that your stick grip will not deteriorate as your hand sweats throughout the game. The hand is positioned approximately 1/2 inch forward of center (towards the nose of the blocker) for better paddle down play. A think sponge pillow can be found on the back of the hand for added shock absorption. The cuff of the glove is large and flexible, and an adjustable velcro wrist strap helps customize your fit. * Rigid, ultra-lightweight high density blocking board * Bindingless face maximizes blocking surface * Flared top eliminates skip-over * Thick sponge pillow absorbs shock on back of hand * Air pillow in sidewall for shock absorbtion * High density wrap around finger protection * Extended finger tip pads * New SBA Material with improved grip when wet * Beveled nose for paddle down play * Adjustable velcro wrist strap * Custom colors available * Custom graphics available * CLICK HERE TO CUSTOMIZE
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