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Warrior Buzzkill Goalie Glove

Goalies can, and are an offensive players worst nightmare. Be a buzzkill to their attack with the Buzzkill Goalie Gloves by Warrior.Goalies need all the protection that they can get. Warrior took this into consideration and added the Hyper Active Lock Thumb to the Buzzkill gloves. This thumb is specially designed to provide complete thumb protection from shots, since the thumb is constantly exposed by the way goalies hold their stick.Hyperextention can be a goalies worst nightmare when defending the ever precious net. The Buzzkill's feature hard ABS plasitc coverings over the fingers so in the event that your fingers are bent backwards these ABS coverings lock into your wrists preventing hyperextension. These ABS coverings still allow you to have maximum flexibility when bent forward.As goalies you need protection and flexibility in a glove so that when it comes to defending your house, you can do it knowing your hands are ready. Warrior didn't skimp on protection by adding hard ABS plastic covering throughout the backhand, to defend against shots, sticks, and whatever else comes your way. The backhand of the Buzzkill gloves is also specifically designed to give you ultimate flexibility in the many movements you make during play.Honeycombed shaped mesh panels in the palm of the glove keep your hands cool and your mind at ease all game long, making you any opposing players buzzkill.
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