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Combat Hockey Pure Composite Hockey Stick

While many sticks claim to be one piece most have a joint bonding blade to shaft, which causes a loss of energy and puck-feel. With the Combat Pure Composite Stick, no compromises have been made. Constructed at a high-tech plant in Canada, the Combat Pure Composite Stick utilizes unique technologies to create a stick that is constructed as one piece from the tip of the blade to the end of the shaft. With less between player and puck, Pure energy is free to travel down the shaft and through the blade, giving maximum performance to the player as well as optimal feel. * Helix construction technology provides a revolutionary process by which a seamless strand of fibers run from the top of the stick to the toe of the blade * No joint, no glue, no extra weight, no compromised stiffness profile, just pure flexural energy and optimal weight distribution * PRS (Perimeter Reinforcement System) reinforces the blade with continous carbon fibers to form a tubular-helical path inside the blade to reinforce the blade perimeter and provide optimal torsional stiffness and superior flex at the same time * Squared corners with double concave walls allow the shaft to fit tightly in your hands for improved control * Tapered shaft pinpoints energy directly from your hands to the blade for improved accuracy * Clear shaft finish allows for quick hand movements * Made in Canada.
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