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Reebok A.I. 9 Composite Stick

The A.i 9 Griptonite Composite Stick offers Reebok's most advanced stick innovations to date. Engineered for the player seeking more power, the A.i 9 features key innovations when compared to their highly-successful Sickick line of sticks.The main innovation occurs in the shaft where you'll find a 2:1 Power Taper. This technology reinforces the face of the shaft along the taper at a 2:1 clip over the side. This translates to a shaft that wants to flex side-to-side and offers more power with easier loading. Also unique to the A.i series is the mid kick point, which means there is more stored energy ready to be released when the stick is loaded as the apex of the arc is located farther away from the blade.Reebok's Pure Fiber Technology runs individual and continuous carbon fibers from the butt end of the shaft directly to the tip of the blade, giving the stick a more direct puck feel and providing additional energy transfer. This technology also eliminates overlapping material at the blade/shaft transition, reducing unneeded weight while improving flex consistency. On the top and sides of the shaft you'll find a new raised honeycomb-type texture combined with a thin layer of Griptonite grip coating to provide firm hand control of the shaft. The underside of the shaft is left smooth to allow for easier repositioning of your hands quickly and easily.A new foam core in the blade, XLerated Blade Technology, combines a highly-sensitive and reactive foam core--good for puck control--with an extra-stiff layer of carbon fiber on the surface to improve torsional rigidity and increased power.Eye-catching graphics, and colors that convey power and authority without screaming look at me work in unison to create a package that offers a choice in a crowded market and truly earns the name Advanced innovation.
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Skill Level: Advanced
Frequency: 2-5 times per week
Gender: male
Best Description: Player
To put it simply, the Ai9 is everything you could want in a hockey stick.
The shape of the shaft and the subtle texture give it a great feel. The moment I picked it up, it just felt right. The Ai9 has a lighter feel than other sticks which are actually less overall weight, because the weight is so well-balanced. The blade is feather light, not too soft or too stiff, and extremely durable. Pucks, sticks, even skate blades do little to no damage to it.
My stick-handling has improved with the Ai9, as has every other facet relating to the stick. My passes are crisper and more accurate, and I can accept passes better as well. The sticks loads up very easily, and on slap shots and snap shots, you can feel the power and energy transfer through the shaft like a bow, rocketing the puck off the blade. Shots are definitely faster and heavier with this stick. Wrist shots are good, however I haven't noticed them being significantly better than other sticks.
The Ai9 is also very accurate. As a child, coaches told me that my shot should end up exactly where the toe of my blade pointed to in my followthrough, though I never found that to be the case. With the Ai9, it is. Wherever you point the stick, the puck goes, it's scary. The shaft is also extremely tough, has taken tons of slashes and shows no hint of damage.
There's a reason more and more pros are turning to the Ai9; it's the best mid-kick stick on the market.
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