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CCM U+ Crazy Light Ice Skate YTH

Commitment is measured by the bruises on your arms, the gaps in your teeth and the skate on your foot. The New CCM U+ Crazy Light is the only skate built with ultra reactive U FOAM technology. The U+ Crazy Light conforms to every contour of your foot. It fits better on your foot, so you can perform better on the ice. Only one question remains: are you committed enough to wear CCM? * Match your skates to your team's uniform * U-Foam Pro quarter core provides a super-light internal support that not only saves tons of weight, but also molds to your foot perfectly * Vector Armour Surlyn quarter package provides Pro-level ankle support while maintaining comfort and low weight * Anti-microbial liner with branded grip helps keep your foot locked in and germ-free * Lightweight carbon-composite-exhaust outsole translates your foot movements directly to the ice with minimal energy loss * CCM Armour tongue provides an additional layer of protection * E-Pro Holder and stainless-steel Pro-Formance scalloped runner help save additional weight * Made in Canada
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