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Brians H Series Leg Pad

The Brian's H-Series leg pad is the Sr. Pro version of the popular Zero G series leg pad, and it has been a top seller for Total Hockey since their release in 2011. The H-Series pad has nearly all of the features as the Zero G, but it has a mid-level price point. If you're a young, growing goalie playing at any level, or an adult goalie playing mid to high level hockey 1-2 times per week, you'll love the H-Series.One of the attributes that make the H-Series pad unique is the proprietary E-foam that is used in construction. This foam is not only incredibly light weight, but it is pre-molded into a dynamic S shape that, by itself (with little or no pad flex) will close the five hole on both narrow and wide butterflies. This E-Foam is rigid enough to hold the pad in this S shape and keep this shape throughout the life of the pad. Should you like even more pad flex, the H-Series comes with breaks both above and below the knee, as well as nylon thigh rise straps (which are also adjustable to different termination points on the thigh or knee). The boot of the H-Series is tapered, the shallow boot channel is offset towards the inside of the boot, and the toe tie features both a regular and offset tie option. Goalies who play using a wider stance will love this set-up, as it keeps the inside boot of the pad from interfering when the legs are flared out in a standing position. Both the leg channel and the knee cradle are flat and wide, allowing for easy pad rotation. The wide knee cradle also works well for those who wear internal knee pads, as they can easily wrap the knee lock strap around this bulkier protection.Like the Zero G, the H-Series is somewhat stiff out of the box, especially at the boot. The pad plays somewhat hard, meaning that rebounds will shoot away from it upon impact. Finally, you'll be hard pressed to find a lighter pad on the market today. According to our digital scale, a 33+1 pad weighs only 5.14lbs! Staff goalies who have tried the pad felt quicker when going into a butterfly, and we think that everyone will notice the difference after a long practice or a hard game. Additional Features Include: * Multi-density internal face for lightweight protection and energy absorption * Thinned out upper profile * Internal flex breaks at knee, thigh and ankle * Extended outer shin cradle * Pro laced thigh guard standard * Completely flat medial edge to help seal pad to the ice and avoid under / over rotation * Double leather calf straps * Removable calf pillow * Replaceable plastic knee and thigh buckles * Squared thigh with multi-layered high density foams
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