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Vaughn Custom Sports 7500 Decaled Goal Mask

* Designed for optimal visibility with a recessed cage area * Improved peripheral vision and gives wider sight lines * Contoured design reduces flat spots for puck deflection to lessen impacts * High impact shell of high strength injected lexan designed with strategically placed ridge lines to add strength and reduce shell flex under high impacts * Wide jaw profile with a flared lower chin area allows the mask to be tucked in to the chest to provide more protection and allows for more adjustment to the chin cup for a more secure fit * Air vent holes and face opening are designed to provide for maximum ventilation to reduce heat buildup * The cage is constructed entirely of low lusted stainless steel for added durability and designed to provide optimal visibility * High density vinyl Nitrile liner for light weight and comfort and molded skull plate padding with vent lines to further reduce heat buildupSizes (in head circumference): * Junior: 20.1 - 21.3 Inches * Small: 21.6 - 22.4 Inches * Standard: 22.7 - 23.2 Inches * X-Large: 24.6 - 25 Inches
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