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Video Service Corp Greatest Moments Game 7 Stanle

You can revisit some of the greatest games in Stanley Cup history by watching all 7 discs in the Warner Home Video NHL Greatest Games in Stanley Cup History DVD set. Game action takes you back over 60 years and brings you up to the 2006 Stanley Cup finals between Carolina and Edmonton. * 7-disc NHL DVD set (6 game 7's in their entirety, plus highlights from all Game 7's in NHL History * 2006 Carolina vs. Edmonton * 2004 Tampa vs. Calgary * 2003 New Jersey vs. Anaheim * 2001 Colorado vs. New Jersey * 1994 New York Rangers vs. Vancouver * 1987 Edmonton vs. Philadelphia Flyers * 1971 Montreal vs. Chicago * 1965 Montreal vs. Chicago * 1964 Toronto vs. Detroit * 1955 Detroit vs. Montreal * 1954 Detroit vs. Montreal * 1950 Detroit vs. New York Rangers * 1945 Toronto vs. Detroit * 1942 Toronto vs. Detroit
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