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Sherwood Hockey T30 Composite Stick Red

Destroying goalies with snap shots is a rare artform.The Sher-Wood T30 Composite Stick features the perfect blend of fiberglass and carbon, increasing the stick's durability and willingness to bend on hard shots. Lean into your shots with ease as the Equilibrium Technology gives you the optimal balance point for an unmatched energy transfer.The flex profile of the T30 gives you a surprisingly unique feel for the puck and a mid kick point to help unload those wicked one-timers. The traditional shape of the shaft--straight sidewalls with rounded corners--allows for a natural feel that you could only get with your old wood stick back on the pond all those years ago.The T30 is rounded out with the Vibration Reduction Blade, which eliminates some of the shock that comes with hard passes and slashes. You will instantly feel a better grasp for the puck. The expanded blade profile provides the best accuracy as well, reducing the torsion that moves down the shaft.True feel and true shooting is what makes the T30 your secret weapon. />
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