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Bauer Total One NXG Shoulder Pad

Holding the top spot for providing the finest anatomical fit not found in others is the Total One NXG Shoulder Pads by Bauer. The NXGs give you a natural, close-to-the-body fit that helps you achieve maximum power with every movement. Also top dog in protection, the NXGs offer innovative features that leave you as the last man standing amongst the fallen.Bauers Patented Free Flex chest panel construction allows the whole front section of the NXGs to be close to and move with your body, ultimately giving the feeling as if the shoulder pads arent even there.Everyones body size is different, which is why the NXGs are equipped with Adjustable Free Flex Bicep Guards that are made to fit you, just one more way the NXGs are made to fit you personally.The Bicep Guards are also segmented in 2 spots with an added sleeve extension, just another portion helping the NXGs not only hold true to innovative protection but anatomical as well, giving you the fit and feel that helps you achieve maximum power by eliminating restriction.Vent Armor Foam provides lightweight, airy protection found throughout the NXGs. From the mid body, rib and kidneys, to a double dose found in the shoulder caps helping to reduce the impact of hits by 25% when tested against the traditional HDPE shoulder caps.Take hold of the game, and be the last man standing with the Total One NXG shoulder pads designed to give maximum power as a result of superior anatomical fit and protection.
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