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Proguard Sports, Inc. Bag Ball

Designed with an athletic bag in mind. The bagball utilizes the new patent pending SPHERE Technology , which consists of a variable vented sphere housing and sphere element. The sphere element is constructed of a special fiber element that is impregnated with proprietary compounds of selected natural oils. Some of these natural oil compounds act as an odor neutralizer, relying on convection to release the neutralizing dry vapor into the air. A gentle air-flow which is naturally generated by the rotational movement of the sphere element within the sphere-housing cavity will effectively dispense the neutralizing vapor to the odor source. The natural oil compounds are effective because of their intrinsic wide spectrum of neutralizing activity combined with their high mobility in air and their ability to penetrate porous substances to neutralize embedded odors. The bagball vented design works to maximize effectiveness and product life. * Deodorizes sports bag for 3 to 4 months * Any movement allows the odor neutralizing compound to seek out and destroy smells * Control the strength of the fragrance by turning the top and bottom in opposite directions; adjusting the vent to open or close * Outside shell is recyclable * Inside sphere is biodegradableScent/Color Chart: * Ocean = Teal/Black * Blast = Red/Black * Burst = Red/Yellow * Cher Ber = Blue/Red * Hot = Pink/Pink
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