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Warrior Dynasty AX2 Grip Stick

Although a step below its sibling, the Warrior Dynasty AX2 Grip Stick comes to us with a very impressive performance. It has a lightweight rugged design that combines exclusive technologies to improve durability, balance, and much more.Warriors Velvet Touch adds feel to the shaft for grip but not making it impossible to shift your hands---unlike traditional grip sticks---and combined with Warriors AXYSYM Technology it brings your natural power to life. AxySym combines different profile fibers down the length of the shaft, on the backhand and underside of the shaft, high-strength fibers compress together during flex to amplify shooting power. Meanwhile, on the forehand, the opposite happens---fibers stretch more easily to allow for a much smoother and easily loaded flex.At this point the mid kick design steps in allowing for a smooth full-length flex arc. The full force from the entire length of your stick is loaded into your shots, making them extremely powerful on one-timers and slap shots.All the shaft technology is funneled down to the bladethe ultimate precision toolbuilt to snipe and slash all day long. With TwinSpar carbon-fiber support structures running through the blade core, this new blade is 40% stronger yet 60% lighter than the outgoing model. Aramid Sole fibers line the blade bottom to reinforce the internals while the entire blade is wrapped in a carbonized, plated-glass fiber that is also 40% stronger. Players should expect to notice an increase in blade strength, a reduction in flex, and an overall feeling of invincibility to what their blade can handle.The AX2 combines technologies to make this one of the more lightweight, durable sticks on the market today. Get it, and start your dynasty.
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