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Epoch Lacrosse Dragonfly R40 Goalie Shaft LE

The Dragonfly R40 is back with a different look and a lighter weight. It will still bring you the best strength-to-weight ratio, despite coming in a wide variety of cross sections.Epoch uses the Advanced Carbon Layering (ACL) technique that places carbon layers at specific angles to limit seams and increase the structural integrity. The Slip/Grip is a gritty texture that allows for a consistent grip to be maintained in all weather, while allowing the shaft to move freely throughout your hands. Engineered specifically with the goalie in mind, the Goalie Shaft R40 is super-light and super-fast. A relaxed concave design and strategically placed grip is located at the top-middle and bottom of the shaft, allowing your hands to be quick and loose. Bait shooters to throw it stick-side. A shooters look of disappointment has to be the greatest sight imaginable.
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