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Warrior Rabil Unstrung Head

Paul Rabil has finally done it...created a head that is designed to his exact specifications. Rabil is one of the best lacrosse players in the world and he needs a head that can keep up with him. What better than one designed and tested specifically by Rabil himself.The Rabil Head arrives with all the technology youd expect to find in a pro level head. Players will notice an extremely deep pocket via Warriors patented Truoffset technology, which lowers the sidewall below the center line of the shaft. When viewed in the side profile, this physically lowers the pocket in the stick, giving you the deepest possible pocket allowed within the rules. And as we all know, As any experienced player will tell you, the deeper the pocket, the better the ball control, and the harder the shot will be.Likewise, the narrow face shape and pinched sidewalls further your accuracy by creating a more channeled center pocket shape. This gives you a more consistent, straight release because the ball isnt given much room within the pocket to move side-to-side.The Rabil Head uses Warrior's patented process for injecting a lacrosse head with nitrogen gas. By infusing a head with nitrogen gas, Warrior was able to create the lightest lacrosse head on the planet, without any significant changes to the overall durability of the head. The new featherweight champion of the lacrosse world, weighing in at 4.3 oz. Visually, players will notice the custom-like color combinations made possible Warriors exclusive molding technique dubbed 2-Shot, which allows two or more colors to be injected into one head. Not only does this give you a more customized look, it also adds strength and key flex points within the head.
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