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Easton Mako Ice Skate

The Art Of Speed. This is the core design principle powering the Makos. The entire skate has been engineered to seamlessly bridge the gap between a design idea and the body's natural movement. This is a principle that states that the more closely a skate can match the bodys natural shape and movements, the more speed, the more agility will be produced.One of the first elements to embody this philosophy is the actual shape of each boot. No longer is one a carbon copy of the other. When viewed from the back, the inner side of each ankle is cut lower than its outer counterpart. This patent-pending asymmetrical pattern allows each skate to better fall in line with the direction of travel.When cornering or exploding down the wing, the asymmetrical design allows for a more aggressive skating angle. Changing the angle at which your leg/ankle extends from the boot, allows you a more powerful stance and keeps the boot in line with your natural movement leading to more speed and powerful cornering.The newly redesigned Extendon Guard is now a functional part of the boot. With each stride, the guard flexes with your lower calf and quickly returns to its original position. This promotes a fuller stroke and quicker foot recovery think of it like having a built-in spring pushing your foot back into place before each stride. Youll notice a faster stride frequency with less energy used. As a hockey player, being in the ready position at all times is an absolute must - this is especially true in areas where the initial split-second burst of speed is all the difference between making the play and watching it go by. The CXN Holders help you do just that. The heel of the holder is pitched higher than normal holders, keeping your heel raised so that you lean forward on your toes. This puts you in the aggressive forward stance for explosive first strides. Youll be positioned in the ready stance at all times with more weight over the front of the skate.The bottom line is the Makos embody speed. They are a great looking piece of equipment, extremely comfortable, and feature design innovations that set them apart from the pack. Aggressiveness is the name of the game out on the ice and no skate is more ready than the Mako Ice Skates by Easton.
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