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Reebok CUSTOM 20K Pump Ice Ska

Reebok's new 20K Ice Skates are built with Pro line craftsmanship. The new Dynamic Support System solidifies the skate and controls flexion while working with the reinforced composite quarter package to maximize the energy transmission in every stride. Continuing to built on the Pump franchise, the 20K skates provide the best out of the box fit, customization and performance.The Dynamic Support System, DSS optimizes flexibility and stiffness to effectively maximize the transmission of human power. The Spinal Zone wrapped composite fibers oriented at 90o and 0o, supports and locks the heel in place. Composite fibers at 45o angle, enhances the flexion profile of the skates. Power transmission from stride to ice is accomplished via a reinforced and structurally stronger metal mesh on the side boot. This increases power transmission while also providing additional protection to the outside of the foot.The Pump continues to be refined and implemented to provide the most accurate fit available. By eliminating natural gaps around the ankle, a more snug and custom fit is achieved. This tighter fit also prevents heel lift.The tendon guard, or flexion guard, has been engineered to provide a greater range fo motion per stride. Likewise, a new Pro skate tongue is both more flexible and more protective. * The Pump provides a custom fit around your ankle by eliminating dead space * New quarter package with reinforced zones provides improved ankle and foot support * Dual zone liner - one for moisture control, one for gripping the foot in place * Hybrid tongue with Pro felt and EPP foam combination offers a best in class comfort level * Carbon fiber outsole gives you a reactive feel on the iceIs one foot bigger than the other? Prefer a different style tongue or type of steel? These skates are customizable to your needs. For more information, please contact us at 866-929-6699. (Customization fees may apply)
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