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Bauer CUSTOM Nexus 1000 Ice Skate

We all remember our old skates, and sometimes we wish we could have them back but only with the newest features. Bauer took that and ran with it, straight into the Nexus 1000. The Bauer Nexus 1000 Ice Skates are where tradition meets technology. With the Nexus 1000s youll be impressed with ultra-light performance, innovative fit, and many other of its advanced features. The Bauer Nexus 1000 is an old school skate that is definitely not stuck in old school ways. The Nexus 1000 utilizes an ultra-light quarter package that provides you with an easy load on every stride for efficient energy transfer and fast acceleration. The straight wall construction allows you to exert maximum power while absorbing and managing energy transfer, resulting in a smooth and efficient stride every time. The upper part of the boot can be fully heat molded to form completely to your ankle and heel; providing a full 36000 degrees of mold-ability, and offering maximum comfort and better overall performance. This customized fit eliminates dead space and will allow the skate to more fully move with you through every stride.Experience explosive acceleration with the Nexus 1000s innovative heel fit called the Deep V. The Deep V heel fit locks your heel in place, deep inside the boot to ensure the skate reacts to your every movement the way you intend it to. With Bauers deepest fit, you will experience quicker take off speed, increased power, and maximum comfort.Unique to the Nexus 1000 is the Classic ultra-thick pro felt tongue. This ultra-thick 2-piece pro felt tongue has a molded metatarsal guard that provides maximum comfort and protection from lace bite. On the inside is a retro tan hydrophobic CLARINO liner that also brings back the Classic look to the Nexus 1000. Soft and comfortable this tan liner keeps the foot dry and cool while locking the heel in tight for a better fit.Putting it all to the ice is a combination of technologies all working in unison. From the boot down, youll find a composite outsole that shifts more energy to the ice. The TUUK LS2 holder is time tested, reliable, and takes full responsibility for connecting you to the ice with pride. Rounding out the TUUK is the LS Fusion Runner that combines stainless steel with high grade aluminum to yield a full 27% weight savings versus standard runners.The Nexus 1000s are a series of connections that link old school style with Bauers innovative technologies. As the top of the line skate in the new Nexus line, the Nexus 1000 is fully loaded with Bauers most advanced technology and is designed for advanced levels of performance. With super-lightweight construction, superior durability and comfort technology the Nexus 1000 will provide nothing less than the best Bauer Performance.Is one foot bigger than the other? Prefer a different style tongue or type of steel? These skates are customizable to your needs. For more information, please contact us at 866-929-6699. (Customization fees may apply)
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