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Vaughn Custom Sports Custom 7800 Velocity 5 Catch G

New for 2012, the 7800 Velocity 5 Catch glove has many changes and improvements when compared to it's predecessor - the 7600. The most drastic chage has come in the shape of the glove which can be described as a cross between the 7990 and the 5500. Total Goalie staffers who have tried the glove describe the glove as having a 5500 fit and feel, but with a more forward hand position and a steeper thumb angle.The palm area has been redesigned with segmented plastic pieces between the seams and laced break area. These changes give the glove a great feel, superior protection, and allow for a consistent break-in even with thicker padding. A new, double-T web gives a massive wide and deep pocket along with a more open face to provide more natural net coverage while still keeping a legal size. A notched heel and extra reinforcement in the top of the T web allow for easy stick handling and easy shooting from any glove position.The backhand features added segments, including a substantial backhand finger pad, for increased protection. The cuff opening has been widened for added wrist flexibility. Internally, the glove has three hand straps (wrist, backhand, and fingers) along with spring mesh finger gussets for breathability and quick drying. The wrist strap extends outside of the cuff so that it can be tightened without detatching the backhand padding. * Higher thumb angle provides natural feel * Open molded palm shape * Pro Spec construction for optimal performance and durability * Heat moldable for custom fit and fast break in * Internal back hand retention for control * Adjustable wrist strap * Flex seam and lace break palm for precision closing * Thumb tunnel design * No binding cuff adds blocking surface * Three piece backhand protection * Reinforced perimeter edge for stability * Light weight and balanced for ultimate feel * Also available in Size Small for smaller hand (custom)
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