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Vaughn Custom Sports Custom 7800 Velocity 5 Leg Pad

New for 2012, the 7800 Velocity 5 Leg Pad replaces the 7600 Velocity 4 model from 2010. In the 7800, Vaughn has improved upon a tried and true design that has been the benchmark of hybrid style pad design for over a decade. Though these improvements may seem subtle at first, the user will immediately notice a dynamic improvement in performace when switching to the 7800's.On the face of the pad, the V5 features a newer graphic that provides a longer and taller visual image to make the pad appear as big as possible. In addition to looking big, the boot scoop angle of the pad has been improved to allow the pad to sit taller on the leg which increases both five hole coverage and pad clearance from the bottom of the boot to the ice (for improved mobility). The top outside roll of the pad has a more squared shape to decrease instances of puck skip over, and the outside top edge of the pad has a more tapered shape from the knee up to both reduce weight and decrease interference with the pants when going into the butterfly.On the inside egde, harder HD foams have been added for a more solid landing area and better five hole coverage. The landing gear at the knee and the knee risers have been combined into one solid block and incorported to the inside edge for better pad response and a more ergonomic knee position in the butterfly.The knee cradle and leg channel feature Vaughn's proprietary MSH3 material for both comfort and quicker pad rotation. The knee lock is wide in the 7800, and the integrated knee/thigh protector has been moved higher up the thigh rise to provide better knee protection and more room in the knee area. The outside knee cradle pad takes is cues from the 7900/7990 pad by featuring a hinged design and a lowered, dual elastic strap position that runs under the bend in your knee rather than directly behind it. Larger protective padding on the outside edge of the calf lock has been added for a better seal against the post.Finally, internal foam pad structure has been refined to create a soft feeling, yet firm pad that keep pad shape and height intact longer to increase durability without increasing weight. * Full Pro Spec construction and fully domestically manufactured to exact pro specifications for superior performance and durability * Dual knee straps with four point user selectable buckle locations for custom fit * Flex-Pac internal foam stuff system allows the pad to flex and break-in to each goaltender's own leg shape for maximum performance and feel * New V5 graphics provide a longer and taller visual image * Molded knee/thigh guard with improved attach location for more complete coverage * Tapered outer panel at knee area for improved pad positioning * Firm inside edge for improved five-hole seal to the ice * Fully balanced to enhance performance * New wider knee cradle with knee lifter incorporated to the inside edge for more ergonomic knee positioning to reduce stress on the knee and hip * Wider leg cradle with increased protection on the outer leg padding * Improved scoop angle allows pad to sit taller on leg and provide more ice clearance * Firm perimeter edge on inside and outside of the pad for a stronger blocking surface * Wide inner edge and landing pad area provide superior balance
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