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Reebok 9K AirVynity Krisscross Stick

The Reebok 9K AirVynity Krisscross Stick will provide you with the competency to control the ball and shoot to the absolute best of your abilities.The AirVynity 9K Head has a Pro-Offset design, designed to keep the ball in the Channel-Formed Pocket and protect you when you are loading for a shot. Ball rattle is reduced and ball control is optimized with the Pro-Profile design. The scooped head construction even allows for an extremely quick release on shots and passes.The V-Shaped Scoop will keep the ball channeled when shooting and passing, giving you extreme accuracy to hit your target. Customizing your stringing set-up is simple with the AirVynity's multiple stringing holes.The Krizlyte-Pro 7K Shaft was constructed using Super Lite Opti-Performance PX99 Alloy which provides a lightweight and high strength ratio. The seamless construction gives you a consistent and durable lay-up, while the smooth grip gives you a soft and generous feel throughout gameplay.
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