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Warrior Ritual V3 Goal Stick

The Warrior Ritual V3 Composite Goalie Stick is a brand new model for 2012. Careful thought has been given to the design process and construction materials used in this stick, making it one of the most durable, well balanced sticks at it's price point.For starters, Warrior uses a new Vibex material throughout the stick. This material, typically used in power tools and motorcycles, is designed to reduce stick vibrations upon impact with the puck - a common complaint among users of composite sticks. The Vibex Lite used in the V3 cuts stick vibration by 30% compared to traditional composite construction, while also reducing weight by 25%. In addition to vibration dampening, attention has been given to making the Ritual V3 more durable as well. The paddle of the stick uses Warrior's TwinSpar Paddle Reinforcement, which consists of two I-beams running vertically through the paddle to give it better impact resistance. The paddle, blade, heel and upper shaft of the stick use Warrior's Big Bang shell reinforcement - a fiberglass reinforcment designed to give more strength to the highest wear and impact areas of the stick. Balance on the Ritual V3 is exceptional, as Warrior has put the fusion point of the stick at the shoulder area. This Neutral Zone Weight Balance gives the stick a nice, balanced feel in the goalie's stance and also makes the blade and handle seem lighter.
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